Top 12 Things Needed for a Day at Dog Beach

Posted March 14 2014

Dog beach can be a blast for sun-loving doggies, but as responsible pet owners we have to remember all the essentials to make it the best possible trip for both of us!  With that in mind, here are some products that we suggest for every trip to dog beach:

1. Sunscreen - I know, I know, it's a dog.  But if you have a hairless or light haired breed, the sun can still do some serious damage.  If your pup falls into the high risk for burn category (hey, I'm right there with him!), remember to pack your SPF.

2.  Hydration - this is essential!  Some dogs will drink salt water, which is a bad idea in most cases.  Not only is drinking salt water NOT as refreshing as your dog probably imagines, but it can cause diarrhea - the last thing you want at dog beach.  Bring a water bottle and fresh travel bowl with - and don't forget to use them.  Your dog will probably be having so much fun playing that they won't want to stop, so step in every once in a while.

3. Poop bags - this is completely necessary!  Don't be "that" person at dog beach who just sweeps some sand over their dog's pile....and don't be fooled by the fact that Fido just went 30 minutes ago, s/he'll probably go again, and you want to be prepared.

4.  Water toys - balls, frisbees, boomerangs, etc. Some dogs love chasing their toys deep into the water, while others are content sticking with the sand, but either way the toys you bring will provide endless fun for your furbabies!

5. Life jacket - all breeds are created different, and not every breed has the greatest swim skills (pugs, bulldogs, and frenchies are notoriously incapable, yet eager to dive in!).  Whether your dog needs a little encouragement to get in the water, or just needs the safety of the jacket, a fitted life jacket will help keep him safe while giving you peace of mind. 


6. Leash - yes, this goes against all the visions you have of Fido frolicking through the waves and pouncing sand castles with reckless abandon.  There are two reasons for a leash - first, some dogs just need a little extra containment, and second, not all "dog-friendly" beaches are off-leash locations.  If you're visiting a new dog beach, please check the rules in place, and also be aware that most off-leash dog beaches have no fences or boundaries, so if you have a sprinter, there's no limit to how far s/he's getting.

7.  Shade source - some trips to the beach end up longer than others, and in these cases you might find Fido searching for a reprieve from the scorching sun.  Help out your ol' pal by providing a little shade sanctuary.  A little break can allow you to extend your trip a little bit, or it might end up being a sign that your pup is ready to head home.

8.  Cooling Pet Pad - in addition to the above (shade source), you might find your dog has a tough time cooling down after all of the excitement of beach time!  We always want to do everything we can to prevent heatstroke or heat exhaustion, and we love our cooling mat for this reason - it's good for 3-4 hours of constant use, and doesn't require batteries, electricity or refrigeration.  Perfect inside your shade tent, or in the car for your drive home.  You still want to keep an eye on your dog during all beach play (look for excessive panting, drooling, foaming, or very red gums - all signs you should see a vet immediately), but this definitely helps with the cool down process!

9. Waterproof Accessories - leashes and collars are most likely going to get wet, and there's nothing worse than a nice leather collar getting warped, or a nylon collar getting stinky from being on a wet dog all day. 

10.  Towels - one of the worst moments of a dog beach day is realizing you forgot a towel and your wet, sandy dog has to hop into your car in all his glory.  There will be sand everywhere, and it will not come out easily.  Don't forget a towel.....or two.

11.  Sunglasses - while we don't use eyeglasses with our dog, eye sensitivity is a real issues with dogs, just as it can be for humans.  If you find this to be the case with your dog, there are plenty of options available on the market....different styles and colors.  Whatever it takes to make your beach doggy look hip and stay safe!

12.  A Sense of Fun! - sorry folks, this can't be purchased anywhere, you just gotta bring it!! 

We hope you have a blast during each and every outing to dog beach, and let us know if we forgot anything in the comments section!