Dog Beach Etiquette

Posted March 25 2014

Anyone who has read Marley and Me (or seen the movie) can probably relate to that cringe-worthy moment when Marley happily and confidently strolls into the water and proceeds to do his business while his owner and other beachgoers look on in embarrassment and disgust, respectively.  Let's be honest, dogs are like kids in that they will always keep us on our toes, the challenge is handling these situations appropriately.  When it comes to dog beach this really just means having respect for fellow beach-goers (pups included) and respect for Mother Earth.  Your goal is to leave only paw prints behind....

So with that in mind, here are some common beach etiquette suggestions from the Beach Doggies, and let us know if you have any others that should be added to the list!

Dog Beach Etiquette:

  • If your pup is in a bad mood, take him or her home - no use subjecting your dog or anyone else's to unfriendly behavior
  • Ensure you know the leash rules, not all beaches are off-leash
  • Always pick up waste!  Both yours or your dog's
  • Don't let your dog visit with other beach-goers, unless welcomed
  • Make sure your dog is up to date on vaccines - for his/her protection and the protection of all other dogs
  • Pay attention to your dog - this isn't doggie day care, your dog should be supervised (and beach time is a fun time to interact anyway!)
  • Don't bring your dog to the beach if she is in heat, that's just asking for trouble
  • Train your dog to abide by your verbal commands - an open beach is no place to lose control
  • Make sure your dog is wearing his or her ID tags/license - ID tags are a smart choice because of the open nature of many dog beaches, and licenses are required on public beaches by law