15 Amazing Things Your Dog Can Sense About You

Posted May 02 2014

Came across this article written by our friends at Dog Notebook today and I love reading these observational studies proving how smart and connected to us our pups are....of course, we already knew it :)


 A quick recap:

1. Dogs Know When You Are Sad

2. Dogs Can Sense Your Intentions

3. Dogs can Sense Any Diseases You May Have

4. Dogs Understand When You Feel Scared

5. Dogs Know When You Are Being Unfair

6. Dogs Understand If You Suddenly Have Other Priorities

7. Dogs Sense When You Are Angry

8. Dogs Know If You Are A Generous Person

9. Dogs Immediately Know When Your Back is Turned

10. Dogs Understand If You Are A Pushover

11. Dogs Can Sense If A Woman Is Pregnant

12. Dogs Know When You Are Taking Them To The Vet

13. Dogs Understand When You Are Grieving

14. Dogs Know If You Are A Good Person

15. Dogs Understand When You Do Not Like Someone

What other behaviors have you experienced with your furry friends?