Fourth Of July Safety Tips

Posted July 02 2014

Bark Magazine recently put out an article regarding 4th of July safety and we love it! Taking a few precautions is definitely worth our precious pups' lives! 

A quick recap of common July 4th safety hazards:

Foods to avoid giving your dog:

  • Meat bones
  • Skewers (though not a food, dogs tend to be attracted to chewing on them)
  • Corn cobs
  • Chocolate
  • Fruits (grapes, raisins, apple cores, peach pits)
  • Macadamia nuts

Other precautions to take:

  • To prevent your canine from ingesting any of the foods above, collect trash frequently and secure it in closed containers.
  • Make sure to close gates and doors after guests enter to avoid an escaping pup.
  • If having a pool party, keep your dog out of the water as a crowd of swimmers can create panic and distress.
  • Keep your pooch away from the hot grill and raw meats.
  • Don't let your dog get a hold of glow sticks since the contents are toxic.
  • Keep your pup away from the fireworks!


Happy 4th of July beach doggies, be safe!