6 Fun Things To Do With Fido This Summer

Posted July 25 2014

Summer is the perfect time to get some fresh air and bond with your dog. Here's a few activities you and your pup might enjoy!

1. Visit a dog beach!

Going to a dog beach is obviously our top pick for summer fun! Once you find a dog beach near you,make sure you have all the supplies you need for a day in the water.


2. Take surfing lessons!

Surfing is great excerise for your pup + they look so cute!


 3. Visit a dog park!

Dog parks are the perfect way for you and your pup to make new friends. Be sure your dog is flea-free, vaccinated, and in a good mood before visiting with other doggies.


4. Host a pool party!

When having a pool party, make sure to keep a close eye on your doggy! If your dog isn't born with the natural ability to swim, buy a doggy life jacket!


5. Go on a hike!

Hikes make for great exercise and bonding time. Make sure to bring lots of water and possibly food (depending on the length of the hike.)

6. Spend a day in the sprinklers!

Sprinklers are perhaps the easiest way to entertain and cool down your dog + this activity makes for great pictures!

We hope you beach doggies have fun this summer and remember to be safe!