7 Essentials for a Beach Trip with Your Pup

Posted June 17 2015

1. Waterproof collar and leash

These are a must-have to keep your pup tamed and avoid soggy messes. If your dog is harder to control, something like the monster walker should be used in order to avoid conflict with others on the beach.


Guardian Gear Waterproof Leash                      Blue Waterproof Dog Collar


2. Poop bags

The #1 rule of dog beaches is to leave behind nothing but paw prints! It's always best to bring scented waste bags and dispose of your pooch's poop in the nearest trash can. 


     Earth Rated Poop Bags                                    Lola Bean Pet Waste Bags

3. Life jacket

Since most pups aren't great swimmers, a life jacket is necessary to ensure maximum safety and fun! Having your dog wear a visible life jacket takes the stress off of you and gives your pooch the freedom to run and play safely.


Orange Guardian Gear Doggy Life Jacket     Paws Aboard Pink Polka Dot Doggy Life Jacket

4. Water and food

An obvious necessity, water is especially important to provide in order to avoid heat stroke and guzzling too much salt water. If you plan on staying at the beach for a good amount of time, you should also bring food or treats for your pup to munch on. 


Guardian Gear Handi Drink Travel Bottle                      Collapsible Travel Bowl

5. Towels

Towels are a must-have for any active beach doggy. The Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Towel is a good option because it absorbs 7x its weight in water, is quick drying, and remains odor free (no "wet dog" smell)!


       Microfiber Dog Towels                                   Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Towel

 6. Toys

Although not 100% necessary, toys are a total plus for a fun romp in the sand. We love Chuckit toys because they are waterproof and extrememely durable. Also, the Chuckit Junior Ball Launcher is perfect for the beach because it helps you avoid touching any soggy tennis balls.


Chuckit! Junior Ball Launcher with Ball                  Chuckit! Fetch Wheel Dog Toy

 7. Cleanup products

Cleanup is a big part of any beach trip because dogs tend not to care about their smell or the mess they make. Pet wipes are amazing at removing the "wet dog"  smell and doggy eye cleanser is a nice option for removing sand from your pup's eyes. Other odor neutralizers also contain sunscreen and may be applied prior to, as well as after, your trip in order to provide sun protection and prevent odors. 


Ark Naturals "Eyes So Bright" Eye Cleanser               KLENZ Klean K9 Pet Wipes


Overall, beach trips should center around ensuring your dog has the most amount of fun as possible and you are as stress-free as possible. Have fun and be safe beach doggies!