Why We Love Paws Aboard Doggy Products

Posted June 19 2015

One of our favorite beach doggy brands is Paws Aboard! They offer a range of cute, durable, and unique products that are perfect for any beach doggy.

Doggy Life Jackets

When hitting the beach or swimming pool, doggy life jackets are a definite necessity! Constructed to provide buoyancy, along with a cozy secure fit, the Paws Aboard Pet Life Jackets features an advanced, breathable mesh underbelly for proper draining and drying which provides your dog more comfort and healthier conditions than traditional pet life jackets - which can cause heat exhaustion and chafing. 


                 Pink Polka Dot                                                                 Flame


                     Red Neoprene                                                           Nautical



                          Yellow                                                         Blue + Yellow Neoprene 

Paws Aboard life jackets also come in 6 different sizes so you are sure to find the right fit for your pup!



Each Paws Aboard rubber retriever toy is durable and waterproof. They are also designed so that your dog can close his mouth as he swims to avoid choking. Each toy is available in a small and large size so any pooch can join in on the fun!


                      Rubber Frisbee                             Slinger Throw Toy                      Rubber Ball with Rope



The Paws Aboard Monster Walker entails a simple non-choke design that allows you to apply ‘safe’ pressure to your pet’s belly and not their neck - allowing you to easily control the most enthusiastic of pooches without harming them.

The Monster Walker is designed for rowdy pups over 20lbs while the Mini Monster Walker is designed for those under 20lbs.


                       Monster Walker                                                    MINI Monster Walker

Paws Aboard also makes a Water Ski Rope Leash which is perfect for a day at the beach or on the boat with your dog. The leash floats and is waterproof dog so any dog can be safe and controlled while playing in or around the water.

Water Ski Rope Leash


Water Utilities

The Doggy Boat Ladder provides a great way for a pet to enjoy the water with their owner. This unique dog ladder is also an excellent choice as a boat ramp for use with arthritic, older, or overweight pets.The ladder provides an easy exit which reduces the risk of seriously straining or injuring joints for pets. 

                        Doggy Boat Ladder


Paws Aboard also makes a doggy ladder for swimming pools which provides a convenient way for a swimming dog to get in and out of the water easily. The PoolPup Pool Ladder is also an excellent safety device for while the dog owner is away from the pool.

                                 PoolPup Pool Ladder for Dogs



Paws Aboard flags are super adorable and can be hung anywhere as a homage to any water loving dog! 


                    Paw Print Flag                                                        Dog Bone Print Flag


Overall, Paws Aboard products are durable and reliable for any active beach doggy. We highly encourage you to check out their wide selection on BeachDoggies and let us know what you think!