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Ikaria Coat Mist Spray w/ Sunscreen | Odor Neutralizer

$ 12.99

Between baths or after a romp in the sand, rejuvenate your beach doggies with Ikaria Botanical Coat Mists. Shine enhancers in our Jasmine + Amber, Vanilla + Mandarin, and Renew (Ylang Ylang + Juniper) Coat Mists reveal the natural highlights of a pet's coat and add luster for a salon-style finish.

- Neutralizes odors
- Makes coats silkier and softer with pro-vitamin B
- Protects pets' skin against sun damage with UVA and UVB sunscreens

Ikaria aromatherapy mists are great for use as an after-bath spray conditioner, cooling skin soother, pet bed or air freshener, or grooming cologne. Packaged in a convenient 8 oz pump spray bottle.

Beach Doggies | Est. 2014